About Us


Cybertech Australia was founded in early 2017, with the simple aim of integrating the attention to detail and complexities from enterprise I.T, with the passion and customer commitment from small business management.

These attributes are intrinsic to our business and its processes, allowing for the delivery of honest I.T advice and support, as well as scalable and highly secure overall solutions.


Justin Iemma

Business Director

Justin Iemma has worked within business management for over 30 years, within a variety of industries . As a manager and business owner, he has demonstrated expertise in the delivery of complex projects, on time and within budget. Justin is attuned to providing a quality customer experience regardless of his industry and client, enabling the establishment of communicative, honest and quality company client relations. 




Paul Fisher

Technical Director

Paul Fisher has worked extensively throughout the I.T field. With more than 30 years of practical, on the job experience,  he has demonstrated himself to be a thought leader and an innovater within the field. Throughout his career he has been an agent of digital change and transformation for countless businesses, including key players from the Australian and British banking industry, as well as from education, insurance and the ADF. The primary technologies used by Paul include those from F5 Networks, Cisco, Fortinet and Palo Alto.

This experience has left Paul with a high level understanding of the deeply individualised cybersecurity arangements needed by firms. This understanding enables Paul to recognise the environments technological underpinnings aswell as its needs, and then provide a digital transformation strategy, governance policy, consulting, or any I.T questions under the sun a client could need answering.

His innate technical ability within cybersecurity and complex network environments, combined with his propensity to see the bigger picture, allows for the timely construction and implementation of highly efficient, secure and cost effective networking and security solutions.


Joshua Iemma

Networking and Security Consultant

Joshua Iemma is a persistent and detail-oriented I.T professional, who has worked within all facets of business for clients, from pre-sales and auditing, all the way through to monitoring and incident response after an appropriate solution has been implemented. He has worked extensively with the Fortinet security fabric, and has also utilised technology from Cisco, F5 Networks, Ubiquiti as well as numerous cloud providers. He is a perpetual learner who has demonstrated a keen sense for troubleshooting within highly complex networking environments.

Josh's technical abilities combined with his knowledge of the I.T industry and its processes, allows for him to provide specialistic cybersecurity and network consultancy, dependant upon the assessed needs of the client. As the first line of support, his ability to communicate technical ideas in a digestible and understandable format to clients through both written and spoken mediums is second to none. This integrated with his devotion to providing quality customer service and building professional relations results in a positive overall business engagement.